Gambling has been an important part of the culture of human beings since antiquity; from east to west, games have been present as a form of recreation and recreation and have even sometimes become an important part of negotiations, politics and even rituals. Evidence has been found that games of chance have been part of millenary cultures like China, where keno originated. Even from Roman culture, there is evidence of dice-based games dating back thousands of years.

Understanding the importance and importance of games in the social life of people from many cultures, it is not difficult to understand why many companies currently devote themselves to developing more and better options that allow them to play easily and fluently.

Part of the evolution of the game has accrued in the creation of online options that facilitate its use to potential players, which is why it is more common to find online game alternatives every day. But that wide range of available options can be overwhelming and full of options that are not of great quality.

Therefore, here is a small guide of the best game development companies available today.


This popular company is a private company responsible for the development of high-quality software related to games. Microgaming claims to be the pioneer in the creation of this type of programs, since its first launch in the year 1.994, since then it has consolidated as one of the most important providers in the world of casinos.

His dossier comprises more than 1000 software games developed throughout its history, present in almost all casinos worldwide. The company has been able to diversify its work, developing different types of games such as online poker,  all slots machines, roulettes, video poker, and blackjack, among many others.

It has also entered the world of licensing its content to third parties through QuickfireGames.Microgaming is a company that has managed to reinvent itself and keeps up to date with the demands of users to offer them a high-quality service, with software that They stand out for their careful attention to detail, excellent graphics, and first-class security.


Since the year 1996, this company has been present in the world of casino games developed high-quality software preferred by a large number of players and casinos. From 2000 on he ventured into the virtual world.

In 2002 he launched NetEntCasinoTM to later deliver his casino modules to several clients, subsequently expanding to the international market. After the first decade of 2000, they venture with the launch of mobile games.

His excellence in software development has earned him a large number of clients and users

They developed the first game in HTML5 in its entirety, is a true standard for mobile devices such as phones and tablets and desktop PC, however, one of its greatest successes came from the launch of its mobile casino live in the year 2016, from then they have not stopped to reap success thanks to their work based on high quality standards.

Evolution Gaming

It is one of the companies par excellence when it comes to live casinos. Since its launch in 2006, it has managed to position itself as one of the best software developers of casino games worldwide.

She has managed to outdo herself with every launch she makes and sets a high standard of quality for her rival companies, creating all kinds of casino games.

EvolutionGaming has far exceeded the quality of graphics and technology used by other companies, working hard and constantly to improve and offer players really attractive options that provide an insurmountable gaming experience.


It is one of the companies with the most history in the world of casinos since it has been developing games since the mid-1950s. It has stood out for its slot machines that have become a popular option preferred by a large number of users who see in them an inexhaustible source of entertainment.

His work is very popular in many countries, mainly New Zealand and Australia, since the launch of The Clubmaster, his first three-reel slot. With the passage of time, they evolved, offering the first 5 reel slots, a real significant advance in the development of casino games.

His care in the details has earned him to position himself as one of the leading slot machine companies to date, always standing out for being at the forefront in this field.


This company set the tone for the sale of gaming software, founded in the year 1999 since then he has been dedicated to developing high-quality options for casinos, successfully entering the world of virtual gaming options through online casino portals.

Its iPoker platform has gained overwhelming success among players, mainly in the UK. Their games are based on skin or skins, which means that the base structure is the same for all games, no matter where they are, but these can be personalized by the casino in terms of colors and other details of the basic aspect of the game. Interface.

The company has also focused on the development of software for sports betting with its company Playtech BGT Sports, which also offers all the necessary technology for bookmakers.

There are many other software developers, there is only a small number of those that are considered by most people as the best in the market that offer high-quality games in graphics, comfort to play, ease, fun, entertainment and high chances to win.